If words

If words could speak
Their moan would be of burn
Their smell would be nefarious
And their face peremptory

Mottled Butterfly  pumped courage
For vessels clogged of love
Coated with treason without suit
Mind orphan, sane, turntable

An interregnum presents the flow of blood
Speaking, pulsing through pilgrims tubes
Externalizing the beat
Accelerating in mishap, the strings of the cello
Choking the wasted castle
Tightening the butterfly
Hidden memories in misty love
Remembering your preferred ditty
Of a living heart refreshed

With a furtive glance
No time, I seat the girded
Desires of this planet,
A rose for you, accompanied
By a black headband,
The first complete and eternal
It is the immensity of her charm little girl
The second discrete and sincere
Costumed on our last day of goodbye

Ruins of golden times

Ruins of golden times

Where black braids become hoary

Old loves lasting

By the fingers, count how many are missing of  “tomorrows”.

Sitting now on the parapet

The girl stands propped up.

Forgetting the outfit of trait groomed

That had been gifted at birth

Of crumbs and wrinkles incommensurable

Relentless Black birds feed

Long time lovers “datable”

No longer circulate on roads that complain

And the radiant light darkened from the sea

Contrasts with the white beam of the lighthouse turquoise

The horizon just serves to separate

The tribulation under the command of a dam


Inhale the incense that drips from the clouds
Round and hollow,
Incline your chin filling up with pleasure
Side by side, we walk slowly, holding hands
Until the sun in the horizon get blurring

Through the tact feel them
So firm and cozy,
Once, formed part of a water plan flow
Blossomed from a motivating youth
And there was amazement for my well-pleasure

Your taste buds now I feel
Through the contour of your mouth,
Leave me in a trance state, beyond the absorbed
This air that chokes me
By my clouds, personify your body.

Lost trait

I will use my pen
As a favorite way
To give wings to my imagination.
I’ll use my writing
which authenticates
The outpourings of the slits my heart

I got lost in your lap
Who made you, had no trait
And lavished grace.
Instead of stopping, tricked up
And to the elegance, invoked up
A drop of mortality

My predestined fate
Since always enclosed
A drip was suffice.
I got lost in your charm
From here do not get up
What I was, never I am

It was for her that I waited all this time
For her,  I rise with sadness of having shattered what i dreamed
Imagining it under a picturesque look impressionistic.
In another dimension filled with sonatas
Terrible circus, bloody acrobats!
Amazed idealist, I have spasms for a cat and a heart of romancer


In the fateful hours of life
The man screams and prays
In the fateful hours of death
The man cries his luck

Free, is found greening
In Blue rides on the the past melancholy
The heavens, one by one, go calling
With wings and the sound of harp in a tone of sympathy

Red corrodes this simple way
Easy tempting praise you, and you stand
And nothing saves us neither Tinkerbell powder
And we fall and fall into these abysmal holes

With the movement of the hands
A question arises
Are not the divine carpenters
That saves us sooner towards the Holy Land?

And if the light is darkness
And the darkness, are your colorful eyes?
If the Devil that extends to you his hand
And the Highest takes you in the lived hitches ?

Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis
Says because it says
Do what I didn’t
And try to be happy

Don’t praise for my praise
Words by heart without color
Don’t make a better world
They provoke, a disappointment

Don’t mind
If you are the love of my love
I only ask you to behave
Without guide her towards the pain

Don’t stir, shortie
Greatness isn’t greatness
Statute shouldn’t be beauty
And you shortie,
never cease to be my lifemate
sweet Princess

Innocent Pity

I pity
Of not being the time of the pity
And pity, I have of the pity, not to feel the force of my wrist
Held in gentle brown color of my black paint, detached

She is Innocent as a childhood love
Which extends in adolescence
And falls in the distance,
But do not lose in consciousness,

She is so;
My longing, brings glowing
From an unhappy ending without end

The truth does not come

The itching invades my structure
A concussion is felt on the ground
A butterfly with her wings causes freshness
A black-skinned boy asking lap

The train whistle
And the loose pollen in the air loafer
Walking along endless leagues
reaching me.

Who knew that a day would come to me?
The faint murmur of a girl paralyzed?
Touching, touching my arm finally
A truth around a critical

A flower falls in forgetfulness
When his clumsy owner stops caring
Whether God or man, it’s the same regret
The lie is not hard to believe
And the truth doesn’t reach me.


I want to hear the mountain, roaring harmonious words

Ah! I want to hear the wind,

Complaining of the short time

Of these mountainous landscapes

And over my temple

Will build a monument

Of pride to my victories

I will jump for joy with the pollen brought from butterflies
Uhh! The love gloomy
One day came and saw
The bright color of violets
Penetrated himself a chill
A happiness lit his body, and smiled
Singing in the moonlight one of his ditties


Não me puxem, não me forcem a nada contra a minha vontade

Pequenas meninas matam-se como se eu fosse um troféu para mostrar aos seus amigos menores de idade

tu não percebes como eu sou, nunca vais entender

porque eu não quero, não digas que me conheces

Tu não sabes

Tenho as mãos frias e de mensagens eu estou farto, preciso de um tempo sozinho.

Quem eu desejo, deseja-me também, mas de dois corações teimosos ambos caiem no vazio

Eu conformo-me com isso, e nem sequer estou zangado

vamos perder um ao outro e não existe volta a dar

estou a escrever isto tristemente sentado

quando na realidade o que eu queria era te beijar

Os teus lábios que nunca se apresentaram aos meus

o pior é que eu sei que eles querem-me

e acenam com um semi-adeus

e dilacera-me, meus olhos dilaceram-me

Tão perto e ao mesmo tempo tão longe

o nosso lema era que distancia não nos separava

olha onde ela nos trouxe?

Já não vejo mais o teu cabelo ao acordar, já não anseias as minhas mensagens matinais

a nossa rotina morreu junto com os nossos postais

Eu perco-me nestes corpos celestes que todos os dias atraem-me para as suas órbitas

mas tu és o meu sol e é o teu néctar que me sacia

as minhas mentiras são dados concretos onde existem incógnitas

Tu és aquela verdade que um crente aprecia

Vou cortar a minha alma, talvez arranque-te a ti neste acto que perturba-me

Vejo comboios a passar e eu quero cair e esquecer-me de tudo, esquecer-me da luz branca que todos os dias assusta-me

Ama-me até o sol nascer,

depois disso será tarde demais

eu não durarei até ao escurecer

eu agora prefiro contactos casuais

Don’t pull me

Don’t pull me, don’t force me to nothing against my will
Little girls kill themselves like I was a trophy to show off to your friends minors.

You don’t understand how I am, you’ll never understand
because I don’t want, don’t say you know me.
You don’t know.

My hands are cold and I’m sick of messages, I need some time alone.
Who I wish, wish me too but two stubborn hearts both fall into the void.

I’m resigned with this, and I’m not even angry
we’ll miss each other and there is no going back.
I am writing, this while I’m sitting here sadly
when in reality what I want is to kiss you

Your lips that never presented themselves to my
the worst is that I know they want me
and they wave me with a semi-goodbye 

So close and yet so far
Our motto was “no distance will separate us”
look where it brought us?

I haven’t seen, your hair when you wake up, you no longer aspire my morning messages
our routine died with our postcards

I lose myself in these heavenly bodies every day that attract me to their orbits
but you are my sun and is your nectar that satisfies me
my lies are concrete evidence where there are unknown factors
You are that truth which enjoys a believer

I’ll cut my soul, perhaps  i can rip you, in this act that disturbs me
I see the train pass and I want to fall and  forget everything, forget-me of the white light that scares me every day

Love me till dawn,
after that, it will be too late
I will not last until after dark
Now I prefer casual contact.


I want every black rose

Every smile I catch

and keep the sensations as a blind


Why that man is condemned when everywhere only sees cuteness?

Condemn him for having hair, or having wig?


Who destroys hearts, their is already destroyed,

And mine is, insane, incompetent, won’t love

Self-control is unattainable, when your heart needs affection

In black art I seek concise delicacy

Your curls, bunches of rebellion

throw themselves at me like a stray bullet


And I don’t have vest, then my chest breaks

The Our Father rises, and the sin is consumed

My eyes

I give you my eyes, my beautiful green eyes
Mischaracterizes them and finds their essence
See my heart and soul hurt
By women and their pertinence

See what I see and dream what I dream
Achieves what I want and what I aspire

Do not give up on this night of bitterness
The flashing light will tumble one day
Without water, there is dryness
In dryness, a man will die


I get up with hot milk in the microwave

The curtain rises and creeps  my chromosomes

Droplets are falling through the glass

Blond Hair arise

Moreno, coming and going

With highlights; see looting, rubbing my foot wheel

My robe deviates, and the ice, settled in my faith

Blood dripping on the sidewalk, paved

Strange faces for the individual who was suffering

For an outfit evil, segregated

Juliet rotting

A neck  ripped and the thick blood stoned

characterized Juliet

She murmured without apparent fear this chant

"I’m ready to go down this apartment but feel it is too early, my God please do not be jealous, your heart must be made of gold and not cement, I know you want me as a mate, but I have my children who I created by my rebellion.

Alice, with 4 years and their big eyelashes, she does not speak, perhaps because of the many boyfriends who consumed me in bed, and she? Does anyone touch her? I do not know, every time I’m unwell I do not know where I landed, damn it, do not let me go now!

I’ll go back and race against time lost but this cut perforating is getting close to my ear.

This is the man whom you have granted your request, to marry me, kill me now, save me from their ills blessed, I thought You were my friend. “

Death on the beach

The noise of drums penetrates the sea breeze of the beach

The beat of waves gently join to the symphony

The gulls howl, there are fish in the sea, and death on earth.

A mother grabs her daughter preventing it from falling, and despairs:

"Stop, quiet, my daughter, that’s not joke that delight you"

Toy soldiers marching with arms in their hands

My eyes are closed but I feel by sand, they come in my direction

Are in effect and the higher orders

Weapons up and shout “life is ephemeral”

Start firing 13 shots into the air

I’ve never been superstitious but that is the number of misfortune

"My condolences" are whispered softly

I know I have friends but not a buddy

I’m here under, I see only black, my darling black

Bury me in earth

A prince in the interregnum

Where people step on him, and the sea takes

For places nauseating, but now I’m not afraid