There are doors that do not close, there are stars who do not die, and unfortunately there are longing that cannot be killed.


The spring sun goes down, a light breeze rises, the rays of sun tan my skin and my eyes are closing. Its more alive and colorful, smile comes from a tired body at the end of the day, but always with the intention of a warm child. Draws me into his arms and I lose myself in time, and time is lost on me, together in unison explore the trails of the body of one another. A struggle, a heartbeat, a butterfly, you. You create. You transform, and you remain immortal in the timeline. Your eyes register my love for doubting later of a distant time. Against everything and everyone, you lose, you know the walls and their songs and sing, alone and lonely, for those who do not want to hear you anymore.


I enjoy discussions with content without the use of demagoguery, something deep and philosophical. But it is not always possible because to hear the opinion of another person means trying to understand it, and perhaps imagine hypothetically that our idea is wrong, it means we break our idea, dismember it and try to analyze to what extent the divergence fits within the same plane. Only then can we point out the weaknesses of another theory and produce arguments in our favor, otherwise known superficially the other side does not take us anywhere, does not lead us to the nitty gritty. In fact, I would dare to explain that it takes passion. We must hope that the counter person has a better idea than ours, because if so, we will not have just one, but two theories of our choice and the subject is easy when we have two theories where we can draw conclusions.

We must have our own ideas and not accept those imposed on us, and generally the overwhelming majority of people when confronted with relevant issues, does not formalize their own idea. Like the idea of ​​neighbor, has as eloquent and persuasive aspect then that is what should be correct. This is not the essence of the problem, which saddens and annoys me is when these people are confronted with a different reality and their arguments lose force and still insist on debating the issue using the same arguments previously presented, which leads us always a setback of discussion rather than an evolution, when it would be easier if in 1 second one could think for herself and had a reasonable understanding of the rival idea.

This is not departing from our ideology but to make it stronger, more accurate, but for that we must put aside petty arguments and we need to deepen our knowledge. Many times we have to throw the towel because not always what we think at first it will make sense to the second.

"Happiness is on the other side of the window, we just need to stand up and break it."

"The planet earth is round just so that the most common mortal can rise to the pinnacle of success and then succumb in the catacomb of misfortunes."

Surely I’m not the best, far from it, but I’m sure quite different from everyone else, and that, after all, makes me a little happier. Thinking outside the box.


On a rainy day, when the gray walks on our side, and the drops hitting against the cold sidewalk producing a characteristic odor, I exhale deep to get rid of this feeling. Suddenly, while walking meaningless, close my eyes and think about you, the chemical reactions that sail in my body altered with your figure in my mind. I do not feel the smell of rain but the scent of your skin, the fragrance of your hair and the taste of your kisses. There, lost, not knowing where, I'm surrounded from your presence, closing my eyes, I have everything. In the moment I wake up, I have nothing.


We are citizens of the world, because this is the only alternative left to us. We did not feel good in our own home, or in the neighboring house, so we still keep the flame burning, a glimmer of hope that we can be accepted and understood in a hidden place on this planet. Her black skin, her skin color of coal, smoothed by the wind, keeps the secret of tears issued by her eyes. Surrounded by selfish eyes, overwhelmed by the family that prevents her from thinking differently. Eyes suffered by having nothing and warm heart for having everything. Enslaved by her people and by others, needing to hide her roots by outside pressures that do believe that this is the better way for social acceptance and coexistence. Customs and habits are lost, but the most important things that we should lose, remains. The man who raises his hand and voice, the man who fancies himself above her partner. Discrimination not only for other people but for ours, the blindness we have when looking for a sibling of a different color and judge it as if the rainbow had only one color. And the sadness is accumulating, for everything is changing but everything keeps the same.

Don’t look down

You are perfect, the scars on your skin show the beauty suffered from your past, the scars on your heart show the hope for a better future. You are beautiful just the way you are, if you aren’t beautiful enough for them, they don’t know what beauty is about. Beauty is you when you wake up with unkempt hair, beauty is you when you leave the tub with water running down your body. Beauty is you when you can smile even in the most difficult moments. Beauty is you, is within and around you, who can’t see it doesn’t deserve your love.

Can you see

Could be so beautiful if you saw the truth with my eyes. Birds singing. A smile from a stranger. An unusual person. The knowledge of an old man. Two hands, same sex. Love in all shapes.

A few words

Words spoken without feeling are like promises not held.
Judgments made without relying on the truth it’s like looking in the mirror itself and find beauty where none exists. Don’t judge appearances with preconceived concepts in your head at the end of history will all be inanimate things under the earth, both who is judged as one who judges. Listen to other people’s hearts and understand their language is far more beautiful and human.

"I think about you, then I don’t think by thinking I don’t think, but I end up thinking"

"I want to travel in the tears from your eyes, understand your problems, and do everything to solve them."

"The arrows fired by your gaze make my blood pounding. Now I live and I feel. My air fades and I suffocate. Increasing the desire to see you again, my body invigorates and longs, flaming, by your sweet presence."

Just a sad day

I just need love and people in this world are so cool, they are so bad for each other.
Now in college, I have teachers so cold and so hard it makes me cry, I live in a world of cotton candy, where relationships between people are not only treated with respect, but with affection and then I find myself confronted with such harsh situations, that I feel I’m not worthy of living in this world