Anonymous asked:
você é muito bonito ;) beijos de uma brasileira <3

você é muito querida, beijos grandes cheios de ternura <3

Anonymous asked:
wut type of girl do you look for? (Personality wise)

smart, kind, open heart, honest, funny

Anonymous asked:
Do you think that light skin women are treated better in society?

maybe, but its time to change, everyone deserves the same opportunity , no one is better then no one because of the color tone


Add meeeeee

Whatsapp  if you are from portugal: 925835323 

If you are from other country :   +351 925835323 or 00351925835323

or send me yours <3


I made a snapchat account :D

add me: diogoodii

I will wait for you

Anonymous asked:
It seems like you get asked about liking black girls a lot. Liking black girls is not weird! Black girls are beautiful!!

yes they are, and i’m so happy that we can share love no matter what color we have

Anonymous asked:
Do you like thick black girls?

of course, why not?

Anonymous asked:
I wanted yo ask you if you exclusively date black girls because I am Brazilian but quite dark and I have a major crush on you

ahahahah you are so cutee my dear, no matter what color you have if i like you i will date youu